Thursday, February 27, 2014


grateful: feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.

Here are some things that I am grateful for right at this moment:

Myself: I am grateful for myself putting in all my efforts to exercise regularly.

Medical Science: I am grateful for intelligent human beings.

Everyday: I am grateful for my everyday life.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mums Surprise 60th

Sharing with you a photo for my Mums surprise 60th last weekend. It was a gorgeous day in every way, perfect weather and everything ran smoothly. It was a joyous occasion and I can guarantee you my Mum was over the moon. I adored seeing her reaction when she opened a door in the hall and realised there were all these people crammed down there! They all lined up and came out, each one greeting Mum with a great big hug and happy birthday wishes. I know that you had the best day Mum and the next two days after, I love you and it is an honour being your baby girl.

Happy sixty years to you and how privileged is this earth to have been blessed with someone so beautiful xoxo

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Good news for me

I had my ultrasound and internal to check on my ovaries earlier this week and I am over the moon pleased to tell the entire world that everything is all good. As you may know I have the brca1 gene, so I will have these tests annually until after I have my children which I will then get them removed. 

It is such a relief and I am looking forward to this weekend much more relaxed. To celebrate I am having a BBQ with friends (just pencilled in, so hopefully goes ahead), and reminding myself of how lucky I am to have received good news and that the technology is available so Incan take preventative precautions until I get them removed. 

Also this weekend my niece is moving out which I am really looking forward to having my craft room back and tidying and clean how it usually is. I am also looking forward to having the house back to normal, just Cam and myself minus the 18 year old haha. My niece has been living with us since October 7th so we have definitley done our hand at helping out. 

I have been off work for four days as I have broken out with a massive cold sore on my lip, it is really a monster. It has settled down but not as much as I had hoped, keep working antibiotics!

I have a new found love while being off work, trying to make some extra pocket money by selling goodies on gumtree. Here is me getting ready to photograph some dresses, heheh, which sold by the way! I made $310 in two days... Can't complain :) I paid back Cam some money I owed him and I think I will invest in some new runners, as pictured below :)


Sunday, January 5, 2014


Today Cam and I purchased some new furniture to add to our collection, it matches our living room furniture. I am glad we purchased when we did as these are now going out of stock! Luckily they still had what we were after, good timing, phew!

I am looking forward to receiving them but they usually take a while. Our bedroom is very bare just a bed and one bedside table. Our bed is super high so we are on the lookout for two matching bedside tables at a reasonable height, all that we have come across are too short. 

We also booked our flights over to Townsville in April, we will be going to spend a week with my lifelong friend, Emily. We are very excited! On the way back we will stop in at Melbourne for four nights to spend it away together for cams birthday! am looking forward to it :)

Now I am relaxing on the couch, with the ducted heating on as Launceston is super cold and windy today! Back to work tomorrow, I am not looking forward to it at all but we all have to work haha xxx


                 Dresser for hallway entrance

                    Dresser for bedroom

A day of adventuring


Adventure Bay

On the second day into the year Cam & I went adventuring on Bruny Island. It was our first time going there, even though it's so easy to get to and takes so little time. I often think to myself I wonder why we don't these kind of things more often, then I look back at photos and realise in fact we do them quite a bit, which is satisfying. I love Tasmania and exploring. Let me say the weather in Midway Point with high winds made it hard to determine whether or not we should stick to our plans, anywho we did and for that I am grateful.

We took the 11.05am ferry from Kettering across to Bruny, I was impressed with the price only being $30 return, for your car including passengers. Experiencing sitting on the ferry while in your car was so fun! I was excited to get there and look around, my sister and brother inlaw had been just a few weeks before and loved it!

Seafood Platter

After making our way down to Adventure Bay to go and eat at the penguin cafe we arrived to find out that the power on the entire island was out, we grabbed a bag of chips from the general store and strolled along the gorgeous beach, taking in the perfect scenery. This was a shame about the power but understandable after the crazy winds that had been going on, we ventured off in hope to find somewhere that were somehow still serving food. We drove through Mount Mangana Forest Reserve just to experience to gorgeous scenery and rainforests, we both love trekking off in any direction & that we did. We ended up back at Adventure Bay and drove through the town again but having to stop for a mother duck and her babies to cross the road. We made our way to Hotel Bruny, we had a seafood dish for two and oh it was SO delicious! We stopped at the Bruny Chocolate and fudge Factory & of course purchased some delicious fudge!

At the top of The Neck - a lovely man offered to take our photo, in return we took one of him & his son

After alot of walking and driving around we ended our trip with dropping into the Bruny Island Cheese shop but were unable to purchase anything due to the power outage. We ended out trip to Bruny Island my walking up the timber stairs which lead from the dunes to the Neck lookout, with gorgeous views. We were intending to catch the 4.30pm ferry off the island but as so many people were trying to do the same due to the power outage there wasn't enough room for us on that one so we had to wait for the 5.30pm ferry and we were VERY lucky that we JUST fitted.. we were the third last vehicle on the vessel! On our drive home to Launceston we stopped in at Campbell Town, eating Subway for dinner while sitting in the park. It was a gorgeous day and guess what, we made memories.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years Day

Mum & Cam finding treasures

I spent New Years Day with my Mum & Cam, we wandered around and got a few things off our to do lists done, then on the way home thought we would go to Seven Mile Beach. Mum has often mentioned it,, "Oh if you detour around here, etc etc", so we did. It was so nice, not the nicest day weather wise but lovely none the less. We literally spent ALL day together. I loved it. On our way home we visited Carolyn & Izsak for a few hours, which was a delight. Then we headed up to Jess & Dans to see them and to look around at their renovation progress. For dinner we feasted on tacos which Mum and I made together, they were a little spicy but delicious.

Here is my shot at my second panoramic photo, as you can tell I haven't quite mastered it yet heheh
poor little octopus

Izsak admiring Uncle Cam - Oh this photo makes my heart MELT